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With its base located in Huizhou, Guangdong, the company is a well-known manufacturer for handheld/handsfree wired barcode scanners and wireless barcode scanners in China. The company has occupied over 2,000-square-meter of areas and operated by about 50 workers. Moreover, the company also produces omnidirectional barcode scanners, embedded/fixed mounted barcode scanners, scanning engine modules, and bar-code printers – the company provides end-to-end solutions across multiple industries.

The company has been in the news for its commitment to delivering high-quality barcode scanners at an affordable price. In the past few years, the company has been able to meet the expectation of the clients. Currently, the company is offering both offline and online services. The customers can place their orders online through the company's website or offline by visiting their office.

The main products of the company are handheld and handsfree barcode scanners- these are widely used by retail shops, supermarkets, warehouses, and logistics companies. The company has ensured that its barcode scanner should be easy to use and read the barcode within a few seconds to save time. The company has focused on providing high-speed tech-savvy equipment with a low error rate. With its advanced technology, the company's barcode scanners have the ability to read almost every barcode format in the market.

The wireless barcode scanners are another impressive product of the company, which is used as a substitute for traditional barcode scanners. The wireless barcode scanners come with an inbuilt Bluetooth or WiFi feature so that the user can scan the barcode without the need for any wired connection. This product has been in high demand these days due to its ability to scan from a distance.

The company offers the best omnidirectional barcode scanners, that allows users to scan a barcode in any direction, not just in one direction. These are mostly utilized in supermarkets or retail sectors where scan accuracy and speed are of utmost importance.

The embedded/fixed mounted barcode scanners are most suitable for conveyor belts, automatic kiosks, and online payment systems. This equipment is designed to be integrated into a larger system by the company's R&D team, which can help to develop customized solutions for your business. Additionally, the company has expanded its end-to-end solutions to support bar-code printers and scanning engine modules- these are used in conjunction with barcode scanners, providing the user with the ability to print the barcode data and scan it at the same time.

In response to the current market, the company also offers OEM and ODM orders to meet with customer's business needs. The company provides custom designs to its clients for the fixed mounted devices, handheld, and wireless scanners. The clients can provide their specifications, and the company can deliver with quality products within a reasonable time.

In terms of its Quality Control, the company ensures that its team of experts thoroughly checks each product before it is shipped to the client. The company also ensures that the necessary quality standards, such as CE, RoHS, or FCC certifications are met before the product is launched to the market.

Lastly, the company's customer support team is available to provide 24/7 support to its clients, which is integral to the company's success. The company believes that customer satisfaction and retention is the key to any successful business. Therefore, the company is dedicated to providing quick troubleshooting and repair services to its clients.

The company’s vision is to provide affordable and advanced barcode solutions to businesses worldwide. The company has been able to establish itself as a brand that provides quality products without affecting the customer's budget. The company's emphasis on customer satisfaction, quality control, and evolving technological solutions has pushed them forward in the market. Therefore, the company is suitable and reliable for businesses of all types, regardless of their size, location, or industry.
Yong Jun Road, Zhongkai High-Tech District, Huizhou 516029, China

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