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ARM 32-bit Cortex


640(H X 480(V)CMOS

View Angle

Horizontal 68°

Read Angle

Rotate 360°, Tilt ±60°, Deflect ±60°



1D Barcode:≥5mil

2D Barcode:≥ 10mil



Deep of View

EAN13:20~110mm (13mil)

Code128:25 ~ 130mm (15mil )

Mobile phone code:30 ~ 130mm (5inch screen mobile phone)

Wechat payment code:10 ~ 200mm (5inch screen mobile phone)

Print Contrast



Working Voltage:DC +3.3V±5%,USB 5V



Working current:125mA

Standby current:85mA




TTL-232 / USB 2.0 Full Speed




65mm x61.5mm x 36.76mm(Length xWidth x Height)


Working Environment

Working Temperature:-20℃ ~ 60℃

Storage Temperature:-40℃ ~ 70℃

Working Humidity:5%RH~95%RH(Noncondensing)




Decoding Code


Code93、CodaBar、Interleaved 2 of 5、Industrial 25、Matrix 2 of 5、Code11 MSI 、RSS-14、Limited RSS、Extended RSS

2D:QR Code、PDF417、DataMatrix(ECC200)





  1. Small compact size, easily to integrate into device, especially for limit space application
  2. 32-bit high speed CPU, enables a class-leading swift decoding as 300 times per second
  3. Popular interfaces USB, RS232, TTL, PS2 are on board, supports Linux, Windows, Android, IOS system
  4. Excellent performance with low power consumption and cost-effectivity
  5. Adopts advanced image recognition algorithm and wide-angle optical lens, which can easily read all kinds of 1d barcodes and 2d barcodes at high speed, and can cope with various scanning applications with ease.

The benefits of adding stationary fixed mount scanner technologies to your processes are virtually limitless. Tired of managing spreadsheets? Tired of unnecessary waste? Prevent unhappy customers and costly recalls/RMA’s? MINJCODE offers a complete portfolio of stationary fixed mount scanning solution to adapt and fit to your business needs and goals.

Eliminate human error and prevent unnecessary waste of resources. 

2.Increased Quantities
Accelerate your throughput and maximize your organizations productivity.

3.Data Management
Use the output data to enhance your processes in virtually any field-bus communication protocol, removing the need for manual data entry.

Track every unit and every step up to final delivery. Ensures that no steps are missed in the manufacturing or distribution processes, allowing you to make real-time decisions, when needed, to prevent further negative impact.

Increase the quality of your product/service using barcode technology to control your manufacturing and distribution processes and inspect to ensure the best possible performance and outcome.

Deliver on-time, all-of-the time.

Allow MINJCODE to increase your profitability, reduce overhead, eliminate waste, and see real return on investment.

MINJCODE provides user friendly interface platforms for all our stationary industrial devices, allowing for customization to meet your business needs and for easy programming.

To choose the best fixed barcode scanner for your operation from the wide variety of options available, MINJCODE can help you focus on models that meet your requirements based on your needs for:

1.1D or 2D barcodes

2.Laser or imager scanning

3.Horizontal, vertical, or omnidirectional orientation

4.Scanning speed and volume

5.Wired or wireless connectivity

6.Integration with existing systems

7.Scanner form factor to accommodate small spaces

A fixed barcode scanner will often include features that can enhance performance and make the scanner easier to use. Features that can benefit your operations include:

You will also need to consider your environment and the impact it can have on the device. You may need to select a model designed to withstand dust, moisture, or chemicals that it may be exposed to as a part of your operation. Also consider the scanner’s durability, taking the risk of impact or exposure to temperature extremes into account.


1.Near field reading

2.Wide-angle field of view

3.Motion tolerance

4.The ability to decode damaged barcodes

5.Visual or audible good read feedback

6.Red light aimer

7.Image capture and document scanning capabilities

8.Automatic sensing or trigger options

9.Support for a variety of barcode symbologies

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